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About Us

The SearchLight art collective was born from the rise of art on the blockchain in 2021. They rapidly grew an environment that supports inclusivity, diversity, and access for artists globally by providing education, exposure, exhibitions, and events to develop artists coming from a wide variety of verticals (Fine Art, Film, Gaming, Graphic Arts, etc.). SearchLight currently cultivates an artists pool of over 500 qualified blockchain artists. It is treated as a community resource with the goal of providing visibility to artists beyond the existing NFT marketplaces. The group is forming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in 2023 to foster ongoing community-driven art events, exhibitions, and experiences to support the NFT global arts community.

SearchLight.Art is a women-led, art organization also interested in innovation and helping to grow the Web 3.0 ecosystem. As such, we help prototype new products and platforms. Additionally, we provide signature events, performances, and exhibitions – helping technology platforms, DAOs, PFP teams, collectors, institutions, and other businesses achieve their goals in Web 3.0 through an informed cultural lens. 

The organization is currently set up as an LLC and has a nonprofit arm for Web 3.0 education and onboarding.

Meet The Team
Leading Community Members


Founder + CEO

Advisor-Strategist, Partnerships & Events, Curator, Artist, Writer/Editor

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Member, NFT, Digital & Multimedia Artist, Collector, Curator, Travel Photographer, Professor, Director IFFCincy Film Festival, Partner Artesiaa Global Consulting.


Joyce Korotkin

Founding Member + Advisory Committee

Artist, Curator, Art Journalist, Editor, Art Teacher, Set Design / Production


JBR Visuals
(aka Brendan)

Founding Member

NFT Artists, Curator, Designer


Founding Member

Afro-Dominican writer/poet, psychologist, actor and NFT artist collector and curator


Sondra Bernstein
(aka 4everKurious)


Founding Member + Advisory Committee

Digital Artist, Photographer, Curator,

Collector, Metaverse Builder


Founding Member + Advisory Committee

NFT Artist, Curator, Collector

Advisor & Creative Director


Founding Member

Artist  Producer / Curator /


WhatsApp Image 2022-05-22 at 2.46.03 PM.jpeg

Founding Member, NFT Artist,

Curator, Metaverse Creative/ Builder

Project Founder


Founding Member, 

NFT Educator, 3D Immersive

Storyteller & Social Impact Media Producer


Member, Emmy award-winning artists,

Digital Art Professor,

NFT Expert and Artisan

IMG_3780 3.jpg

Member, Artists working in traditional

and new media.

Creator and host of Arte y Labia podcast


Founding Member

Award-Winning Crypto Artist, Curator, Consultant,

and NFT Hologram Creator

Kas Vegas_edited.jpg

Founding Member + Advisory Committee

NFT Community Builder,

Artist/Music Producer/Singer-Songwriter


Founding Member

Multidisciplinary artist, collector,

producer and curator.


Founding Member

Blockchain Developer, University Instructor,

and founder of Vizmesh

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