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This is a very broad call for submissions for the first STATES OF THE M3tAVERSE exhibit as there is so much ground that covers the concepts listed below. The exhibit will be featured in the Searchlight Atelier & Gallery in VOXELS, other metaverses to be announced and in New York during NFT/NYC including a symposium. 


Creative Brief

The metaverse is an envisioned future where the internet of things, virtual reality, and Web 3 converge. It is a network of interconnected devices, applications, and people that allows for us to interact with each other in invigorating and exciting ways. In this shared space, there are no limits to what you can do or where you can go. You can create anything you can imagine. In what feels like a newly energized frontier there is a desire to discover where we’ve been and what we are aspiring towards. 


Thoughts and rhetorical questions in crafting a submission may include:

  • What are the benefits of the metaverse to cultivating and fostering alternative communities? 

  • How can the metaverse influence and relate with and to commerce?

  • Where are you in this interrelationship between IRL and the metaverse? What is your journey?

  • How can metaverses impact our desire to improve the built environment in the real world? 

  • What are the mental health considerations for the metaverse across the spectrum of good and bad?



Call for Submissions

This is a unique call as it is an open invitation to creators in so many creative disciplines including; artists, architects, designers, educators, storytellers, musicians, dancers, playwrights, avatar builders, coders, critics, writers, and poets to reflect on the various “states” of the metaverse. 



Submissions can include artistic creations based on: 


Reflection on the past

What came before and what has had an impact on the development of this space? 

Observation of the present. 

The latest in what is relevant and happening now.  

Imagination for the future. 

What's next for the metaverse and how might that transform our lives?


The medium for submission may include but is not limited to: 

2D images, 3D models, AI images and prompts, GIFs, Code, Avatars, Fashion, Photographs, Public Utility, Drawings, Blueprints, Video Fly Throughs, Public Art, Augmented Reality, Lifestyle Artifacts, Wearables, Words...selected Essays, Stories, Poetry, Criticism will also be published on our website and shared with our mailing list as part of the collection. 


We hope you will consider joining on this journey. Visit our Prep and Tech Page for specific criteria for media sizes and other useful instructions.

If you have any questions, please email

The submission form below is best experienced on a laptop or desktop computer.

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