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CXElemental Motion NFT Collection

Crypto artists JenJoy Roybal and Robbi Firestone, in partnership with Creative Startups, invited attendees of the Creative Experience(CX) Santa Fe Conference 2022 to answer a series of playful and future-thinking prompts. Questions included things like, "What was your favorite childhood toy/object/thing?', and, “In up to five keywords describe the future you want to live in.” The answers were used to inform a series of NFT artworks, either as words and images in a generative algorithm-driven process (GAN art) and/or as a means to choose titles and inform compositions. Of the numerous artworks generated from this process, the artists curated 3 to go into the CXElemental Collection. All three NFT artworks will go up for auction during the conference from March 25-27, 2022. 

Sales* from 'Don’t Follow the Flock' will benefit the New Mexico School for the Arts; revenue from 'Forest Elemental' will go to support entrepreneurial programming for Creative Startups, and proceeds from 'Live Well The Free' will go to support the artists. The auction for each work will start at .88 ETH 


This participatory approach to creating an NFT is new in that nothing like it has ever been minted on a blockchain before. Be a part of history while supporting a great community!


*after transfer fees

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