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SearchLight is proud to announce Tributary: From Daylight to Nightflight, a unique exhibition that combines real urban life with augmented reality (AR) artworks, from March 11, 2022, to March 20, 2022, during Austin’s largest technology & music conference. Artists from around the world were invited to create original NFT artworks that reflect on and celebrate the cultural, environmental, contemplative, recreational, and political nature of Ladybird Lake and its surroundings – including Downtown Austin.

The exhibition Tributary coincides with the launching of Proof of Presence or #PoPArtwalk by Illustrative (Illust) Space, the team that presented the world’s first augmented reality NFT with MF DOOM in 2020 and the first traveling AR Exhibition “Ghosting” in 2021. Additionally, NFT marketplace Mint Gold Dust is working with local Austin Muralist Collective HOPE Campaign to activate 10 special murals. 


People of all ages will be able to explore over 40 artworks and murals in the downtown area as they collect their PoPs or Proof of Presence token using the Illust discovery app. Between March 11 -13, 150 select PoP token holders will receive an invite to a secret live performance that will be held Sunday afternoon, March 13, 2022. The event is presented by Illust Space, Mint Gold Dust, Mesh Records, Marfa Spirits, Searchlight Art, and Something Cool Studios.


If you’d like to collect your PoP tokens, attend the special launch event, or collect work from the Tributary Exhibition and HOPE Campaign mural artists, you can learn more at



Collaborating NFT Artists

Arefeh | goldysucci | ZCreative Media | Ahmed Partey | bearboxcg | Metro |

Goldy Succi | eremef | Brittany Kurtinecz | Leslie Cruz | Zeon | Inyang |

Mahsa | JoKorot | Saint Kyriaki | QuantumSpirit | OURTVEE | Dani Marco | GRIDA | Cloudy Night | Cat | m0niquesullivan | Hazel G | AmazingDevya | Dauphine Dopamine | mezdez | JBRVisuals |  RAKKAUS| WonderScience |

Maggie Quinn | IMUU | Pilar Côté | CI2aZzY | Rats | Lianna Adams | Unnikrishna M Damodaran | Victor Acevedo | Mikhaila Stettler | MIGGSEYE | Andressa Furletti | vjFred | Chris Bexar | Audri | JenJoy Roybal |

Timmy Edens | QUAZR | Maija Beeton |Heartwell| Erika Fujyama

HOPE Muralists

jiminai| everydayresearch | ULOANG|Starkey Miles | Helena Martin | Olive Oil Crew |Sadé Channel | Sam B | Kimie Flores

SearchLight.Art is a women-led, community-oriented organization that provides signature events, performances, and exhibitions – helping collectors, DAOs, NFT teams, technological platforms, institutions, and other businesses achieve their goals with innovative blockchain technology – through an informed cultural lens.


Illustrative Space is localizing the metaverse by giving artists, influencers, brands, and their fans tools to connect digitally IRL. Using mobile-based augmented reality, web browsers, and web3, Illust is developing a global content delivery platform for token holders to engage their new and existing fans, forge new bonds, incentivize participation, and reward activity. All map, experience, time, and location data from Illust’s check-in system is deployed on an L2 chain to incentivize dAPP developers to create decentralized location-based experiences.


Mint Gold Dust is a peer-to-peer platform that allows artists and collectors to transact seamlessly on-chain to purchase NFTs and crypto art. The unique platform offers an always-on, 24/7 marketplace that aims to transform the way people interact with the digital world, creating our very own self-sustaining creative economy for Web3.


HOPE (Helping Out People Everywhere) Campaign is a 501(c3) non-profit that connects creatives with causes through projects and events.  For over 14 years, HOPE’s programs, campaigns, and events have supported and empowered local artists, young and old. 

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