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SearchLight is pleased to present FigureGlyphs, on May 12, 2022, the inaugural exhibition for the SearchLight Atelier & Gallery, an experimental Web 3.0 lab and gallery to explore and innovate in the metaverse

Visit the SearchLight Atelier & Gallery here:,1898N

Voxel Catalog Companion:

The human figure has been represented in art for centuries through sculpture, portraits, prints, paintings, music, dance, film, and poetry. The rise of art as NFTs has remixed the old corporate art stations, and many creatives have come out of those verticals with discipline and mastery of skill; and, more importantly, with new-found inspiration on familiar themes like the figure.

SearchLight invited artists minting on the blockchain to submit an original work of art exploring the figure by incorporating typography, text, and visual poetry – in reference to, as a part of, or integrated into representations of the body. Additionally, artists could submit figurative works without text-related elements. Works were also selected from the collection of @DCInvestor, and the platforms Async and Mint Gold Dust.

Select artworks from the exhibition will be showcased on the first night of NFT.NYC in Times Square on June 19, 2022, and through an augmented reality experience in the same location. 


Special thanks to the following:

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FigureGlyphs NFT Gallery

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