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Metaverse Tours

SearchLight is pleased to work with NFT Creator Tours to offer LIVE docent tours given by members of our community in multiple languages. We'll have tours in French, German, Cantonese, Hindi and Persian, just to name a few.  


Take a Metaverse Virtual tour to discover the depth behind the artworks of the Mask Ephemera Exhibition. A POAP will be given out on each tour.

Thanks to Astrid, Founder of NFT Creator Tours and artists from the SearchLight pool for organizing this ambitious project during NFT.NYC.

Monday,  NOVEMBER 1, 2021,  Decentraland Tours

of the Mask Ephemera Exhibition

Tour 1   9 am EST - Persian

                Mozhdeh Bagheri

Tour 2   9am EST - Hindi

               By Sam G.

Tour 3   10 am EST - FRENCH

                By Astrid Pilla

Tour 4   12 noon EST - ENGLISH

     By Mozhdeh Bagheri

Tour 5  12 noon EST -  ENGLISH

     By Sage Neon

Tour 6   1 pm EST - GERMAN

      By Mamadou Sow

Tour 7   12 midnight EST - ENGLISH

     By Kevin Pasko

TUESDAY,  NOVEMBER 2, 2021,  SearchLight Gallery

Tours of the Mask Ephemera Exhibition

Tour 8     9 am  EST - Persian

       By Mozhdeh Bagheri

Tour 9    9am EST - Hindi  

     Sam G.

Tour 10    9 am  EST - Cantonese

        By Jan Jan 


Tour 11    10 am  EST - English

        By Sam G. 

Tour 12    1 pm  EST - German 

        By Mamadou Sow

Tour 13   9 pm  EST - English

       By Crystal Koskinen

Tour 14   9 pm  EST - English

       By Sondra Bernstein

WEDNESDAY,  NOVEMBER 3, 2021, Decentraland T

ours of the Mask Ephemera Exhibition

Tour 15   9 am Hindi  

                  Sam G


Tour 16   10 am English

                   Kevin and Adriana 

Tour 17.  1 pm German

                  Sam G 


Please join us for a final lap through the Mask Ephemera Exhibition in Decentraland and Spatial Galleries. Then add a special Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) to your wallet! 

Tour 1

Monday, November 29, 2021, from 10am - 12pm  PDT

Meet at the entrance to Pransky's Gallery in Decentraland at (96,-30). You can also do a search for 'Pranksy's Place'.

Tutorial on using Decentraland

Tour 2

Tuesday, November 30, 2021, from 10am - 12pm PDT

SearchLight Spatial Galleries

If you are new to either platform, we suggest entering in advance of the meetup to get familiar with the commands for movement.

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