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City Lights


SearchLight is one of the official curators for NFT.NYC 2021, alongside Christie's Auction House. Guess who's representing the community?

The Mask Ephemera Exhibition will be on display inside the NFT.NYC Conference at The Edison Ballroom, The Palladium Center and Margaritaville Resort in Times Square; in the Blockchain Center in New York; in The SearchLight Gallery in and in Pranksy’s Gallery in Decentraland.


Accompanying the Exhibitions will be an event at the Triad Theater in New York City with leading NFT artists, educators, DAOs, and collectible teams.


Access to all the events are listed below.

Producing and Event Partners include: 

NFT.NYCNFT Creator Tours, The Blockchain CenterPranksy + BB,

Chris Parks Art, Group.BR  RarepizzasOn1ForceEthereals, and 

OCT 31

Brazilian Brunch NFT.NYC Kickoff with Group.BR

12pm - 4pm EST

Pop-up Exhibition Featuring LatinX NFT Artists

Williamsburg Brooklyn

Halloween costumes welcomed
(exact location provided to ticket holders)

NOV 1 

BOON1Land NFT.NYC Halloween Bash

8 pm - Late

The Atrium, Ideal Glass Studios

9 West 8th Street, New York, NY 10011



DJ Quazr


Special Live Performance by AVALONA

Must show proof of ownership of Ethereals, ON1 or to Enter (unless you're the +1) 


Costumes Encouraged | Visuals by Batmalk

Nov 2

Face2Face: Decentralized Storytelling + Community Engagement on the Blockchain

2 pm - 6pm

The Triad Theater

158 W. 72nd St.
New York, NY 10023

Tickets are available to the public October 26th

Nov 3

SearchLight Presentation at NFT.NYC

11 am - 12 pm

Edison Ballroom, Times Square

Community Space - Chandelier Room

240 W 47th Street 
New York, NY 10023 

(ticket to conference required)

The team will discuss the global NFT art movement, curatorial approaches, and will take a deeper look at the Mask Ephemera artists and artworks. Expect some surprise guest.

NOV 1-4

Mask Ephemera Exhibition

9am - 6pm EST

NFT.NYC Conference

Edison Ballroom, Palladium Center, Margaritaville Resort

(ticket to the conference is required)

NOV 1-4 

Mask Ephemera Exhibition

10 am - 4pm

The Blockchain Center

2307 Broadway, Manhattan, New York, NY 10024

Open to the Public

Nov 1-30

Mask Ephemera Exhibition

10 am - 4pm

Pransky's Gallery in Decentraland (96,-30).

*Sign up for Virtual Tours available to the public October 27th

Nov 1-30

Mask Ephemera Exhibition

10 am - 4pm

SearchLight Online Gallery,

*Sign up for Virtual Tours available to the public October 27th

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