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 Cr3ativeX Athenaeum

-San Diego-

An AR Showcase

In this exhibition artists in the SearchLight Artists Pool and local artists in San Diego interested in exploring NFTs, were asked to submit art to be included in an augmented reality (AR) showcase launched during the  Web3SD Conference on October 22, 2022, at the San Diego Central Library. The exhibition will remain available to the public through the end of the year. 

Images to the left capture the in-phone experience on site


About Cr3ativeX Athenaeum

In Ancient Greece, the word Athenaeum referred to buildings dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and in particular to a temple in Athens where poets, philosophers, and orators gathered to read and discuss their work. In honor of this age-old civic idea, SearchLight will partner with organizations, communities, and cities to explore the Web3 implications on the urban landscape by showcasing creatives and artists interrogating notions of place. Cr3ativeX Athenaeum will debut in San Diego on October 22, 2022, in tandem with the San Diego Web3SD Conference. 



San Diego, USA, is home to a vibrant arts scene, diverse culture, rich history, and memorable beaches. This augmented reality exhibition will be showcased in and around the iconic San Diego Central Library. Article of Interest


Artwork Themes

Artists were invited to create an original NFT artwork that could take 1 of 3 thematic directions. 

  1. About San Diego: The work could reflect on and celebrate the cultural, environmental, contemplative, recreational, and political nature of San Diego – transmitting ideas, stories, and feelings through their submissions inspired by the location and its history.

  2. Libraries and Ledgers: Some artists reflected on the meaning of a modern-day, or futuristic library and its potential relatedness to the blockchain as a ledger of information – explored the definitions of each and/or relationship to each other as repositories of knowledge and culture. Exposing and exploring the library collections and favorite or banned books and stories was also included as part of this option.

  3. Surprise Category: Artist could also present an artwork that strikes the imaginations of the viewers either participating in the conference and/or using the library. they were asked to Surprise and Delight. 

Special thanks to Illust Space and Web3SD!


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