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The iconic display of NFT Paris, "Xffel Tower," is a digital rendition of the Eiffel Tower. A representation of Paris created as a work of blockchain art in honor of NFT Paris. Additionally, this program discusses the coexistence of local and crypto cultures.


Six SearchLight artists were invited to create their art tower using a digital frame construction that represents the Eiffel Tower. Every hour, there is a new solo display by a different artist at "Xffel Tower." The screens in the room at a given moment are made up of artwork by one artist, unlike a group show when various works are presented on each screen. This gives collectors an opportunity to gain a deeper familiarity with each artist. 

Below are selected works by 4everKurious, Joyce Korotkin, Paiman, Ratee, JenJoy Roybal and ZCreative Media, that will be showcased during NFT Paris 2024 in the Xffel Tower Exhibition. Special thanks to Gida and the Iham Gallery in Paris for including SearchLight as part of the SuperRare Gallery Partnership. 

Sondra Bernstein AKA 4everKurious

collab with Kilsy Curiel



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collab with Kilsy Curiel



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