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SearchLight, in partnership with the Vortex Community Circle, presents DOMANCE, the World's first 360 immersive NFT Dome exhibition located in the Domelandia Metaverse. Over 65 Artists, Poets, DJs, and  VJs minting on the blockchain, will be showcased from February 13-28, 2022.


The show will take viewers on a journey through three domes – from the peaceful innocence of the dawn of first love, through the all-consuming passion that ensues, and into the ever-deepening journey that brings one back to the source.

Opening events will take place on Sunday, February 13th, and on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2022, in AltspaceVR and Spatial Galleries.

Immersive codes and links to and AltSpaceVR will be shared on Sunday, February 13, 2022.

Visit Domelandia

*Exhibition extended to March 31, 2022

You can visit the DOMANCE Exhibition in Domelandia in Altspace VR. Once in Altspace portals are available to visit each dome. You can also visit the traditional galleries in the SearchLight Spatial Galleries. 

Domelandia Hub World    YBR508

Domance Event Worlds

Innocence Dome    KDV781

Limerance Dome   GDU568

Essence Dome       XPE382

Domance Event Spaces

Essence Event Dome   IAZ078


Below are resources to help you get started with AltspaceVR and

Getting Started in AltspaceVR:

Getting Started in

Visit the SearchLight Spatial Galleries


Over 65 artists minting on the blockchain are represented in the DOMANCE Exhibition. Artworks can be viewed in one of three immersive 360 domes in Domelandia, a virtual world in AltspaceVR. Audiences can also take a tour through the SearchLight Spatial Galleries for a more traditional viewing.  

Please contact JenJoy Roybal for a special viewing at


Four virtual tours took place February 26-27.


Please join us for virtual tours through the DOMANCE Exhibition. Using zoom you will be taking on a personal journey through the SearchLight Spatial Galleries and the Domelandia virtual space to review the body of work that explores the journey of love in three different domes: Innocence, Limerence, and Essence. We will have time for questions with the curators and artists at the end of each tour. 

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New DOMANCE SUNDAY Speakers Opening .png
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