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SearchLight, in partnership with the Vortex Community Circle, is now accepting submissions for DOMANCE, a 360 immersive exhibition in the Domelandia Metaverse that will arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day. The show will take viewers on a journey from the peaceful innocence of the dawn of first love, through the all-consuming passion that ensues, and into the ever-deepening journey that brings one back to the source.

Dome Innocence.png
Dome Limerence.png
Dome Essence.png

Accepted content will be grouped into one of three themed Dome Galleries within the Domelandia metaverse, hosted on AltspaceVR, including immersive dome theaters; and a gallery. Dome artworks will be edited into a looping reel with a music track unless an audio track is part of the work submitted. Each Dome artwork must have an associated planar or flat formatted version of the artwork for conventional gallery display. A conventional video reel will also be created and displayed in both spaces. 

We encourage the creation of original artworks specifically for one of the three themed galleries - please specify which Dome Gallery to which you are applying. Curators reserve the right to place the work where it is best suited as the show evolves. 

The submitted artwork can be minted on any blockchain before the deadline. You will be asked to provide a link to your minted artwork in the submission form. Accepted artists will be asked to contribute a percentage of sales to the producers (i.e., world builders, curators, marketers, editors, etc.) for sold items. This will be based on a sliding scale; for emerging artists from 15% to more established artists – up to 30%, a contract will be provided prior to the opening, and artists will be able to self-select. 


Artists must submit dome visuals in two formats; a full dome format and a still or planar version. We are also accepting a limited number of Dome Short Films which do not need to have an associated NFT. Specifications are as follows:


  1.  Animated Full Dome format - Dome artworks will be screened in virtual domes. The format is azimuthal equidistant (full dome/dome master) mapping or rendering that is a circular fisheye image within a 1:1 aspect ratio frame against a black background.

    They should be 1300 x 1300 pixel resolution mp4 movies at 30fps and encoded at a target bit rate of 11590 kb/s with 48 kHz stereo audio and should have a duration of 20 seconds or less. Art submitted without audio may be presented with a background music track. The maximum file size is 100MB. If none of that makes any sense, join us for the Teach-in on Friday, January 21, 2022, to gain perspective.

  2. Flat or Planar display -  Each Animated Full Dome artwork should be accompanied by a single frame from it in png format; the square around the circle should be transparent. The Animated Full Dome artwork may also be displayed in planar or flat format on a wall in a virtual gallery exhibition. If none of that makes any sense, join us for the Teach-in on Friday, January 21, 2022.
    to learn more. 

  3. Unanimated Full Dome Format  NFT -  You may want to submit a still work. For this provide a png file with an aspect ratio of 1:1.  The background behind the circle should be transparent.  Resolution should be a minimum of 2k x 2k pixels and a maximum of 4k x 4k pixels. The maximum file size is 70MB. Representational imagery should employ azimuthal equidistant (full dome) mapping or rendering so that it looks acceptable when projected onto a dome, although this is less critical for abstract art. These can be shown in planar form in a virtual gallery space, screened as part of a larger movie in the virtual domes, or both. 

  4. Dome Short Film (optional) - We are also curating a limited number of full dome short films with stereo audio for playback in the virtual domes. Dome shorts should be 1300 x 1300 pixel resolution mp4 movies at 30fps and encoded at a target bit rate of 11590 kb/s with 48 kHz stereo audio and should have a duration of 5 minutes or less. They may optionally be represented by one or more Planar artworks.

  5. 3D sculptures will also be accepted in FBX and OBJ formats, under 100mb. 

  6. Artwork must be minted by the deadline.

Label each art submission file exactly as shown: Artist Name, Your birth name, Title, file type, size. Following this format helps the curation team with production. 

Examples: JoeCrow_JosephineCrowley_MoonRising_MP4_100mb
                  JoeCrow_Josephine Crowley_MoonRising_Still_4096x 2160px


Teach-in, Introduction to Dome Art, with Audri Phillips, Timmy Edens, and Ed Lantz 

Friday, January 21, 2020

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