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SearchLight by NFTs.Tips to Produce NFT Exhibition + Satellite Events for NFT.NYC

Contact: JenJoy Roybal



For Immediate Release

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

NFT.NYC Conference, New York, New York: SearchLight by NFTs.Tips is proud to announce the community-led Curatorial Team is curating a show for the NFT.NYC Conference from Monday, November 1st - Thursday, November 4th, 2021. The exhibition, entitled Mask Ephemera, will be showcased in The Edison Ballroom and Palladium Center in Times Square, NYC. Two groups will be curating exhibitions at this year’s Non-Fungible Token Conference: SearchLight by NFTs.Tips and Christie’s Auction House.

“Christies has been doing an excellent job raising the visibility and awareness of art and collectibles as Non-Fungible Tokens. SearchLight is excited to complement this with our exhibition of NFT works by a strong community of artists from around the world,” said Joyce Korotkin, an artist and leading member of the Curatorial Team.

Mask Ephemera explores the role of NFTs in shaping our identities in the increasingly prevalent digital masquerade of social media and entertainment on the blockchain. The exhibition includes work ranging from that of emerging artists to some of the most prominent, world-class artists in the NFT space.

Activities during the Conference will include the Mask Ephemera exhibition, located in several different spaces in conjunction with the main NFT.NYC Conference center, including shows in the metaverse at both the SearchLight Gallery in, and Pranksy’s Gallery in Decentraland. Docent tours in several languages will be provided throughout the week for the latter. There will also be several satellite events, including a show at the Triad Theater in New York City with live performances by NFT artists, and panel discussions from some of the leading Collectible teams in the space.

The Team curates and maintains an Artists Pool from which they select artists for their exhibitions. Artists are added to the Pool several times per year, vetted by the Team from Call for Artists submissions. The original Pool, which contained 180 artists, has now grown to 322 from over 25 countries. Artists in the Pool were invited to submit a pre-existing work or a newly created one that addressed the Mask Ephemera theme. From that process, 142 artworks were selected to be featured in the week of events. Collecting NFT Art can be a form of patronage and support for artists and creativity itself.

“One of SearchLight’s goals is to create many opportunities for artists to sharpen their NFT and Defi practice. We want to support the efforts people make to become financially sovereign,” expressed artist and team member Kilsy Curiel.

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Nov 1-4

9am - 6pm, Mask Ephemera Exhibition, Times Square + Metaverse

10am - 6pm, Gallery at Highline Nine + pop-up performances by The Mynt

Anytime, SearchLight Mask Ephemera in Pranksy's Gallery in Decentraland

Anytime, SearchLight Mask Ephemera in Spatial

Nov 1

9pm - 2am, A Major Gathering of Collectibles Party, The Atrium, New York

Nov 2

Afternoon, Live Performances + NFT Panel Discussions, Triad Theater, New York

Nov 5

Surprise Genesis Drop!

- To be Announced -

Live immersive performance

Metaverse docent tours in several languages

Special private NFT art auctions

VIP afterparty

Pop-up Cocktail Hours


About SearchLight By NFTs.Tips

SearchLight by NFTS.Tips is a community-led curatorial body that creates and manages the Pre-Qualified NFT Artists Pool for NFTs.Tips. The team also provides signature shows, performances and exhibitions helping institutions, businesses and collectors achieve their goals with innovative blockchain technology.

The core Curatorial Team is comprised of artists, musicians, coders, DJs, and curators. It includes Chris Bexar, Pilar Côté, Kilsy Curiel, Dina Finai, Joyce Korotkin, Soo-Young Lee, Paiman, Dr. Lemny Perez, Rebecca Rose, and JBR Visuals. Team leads are JenJoy Roybal and Kasandra Vegas.

About NFTs.Tips

NFTs.Tips fosters a global community of artists, technicians, collectors, thinkers, makers, developers, scientists, and all people who add value to educating, creating, marketing, troubleshooting and strengthening the NFT community and its efforts to participate actively in changing the world for the better. For more information please visit: and join the community.

Image: The End Beats, by artist IMCMPLX


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